Satanic Baphomet - Small, 5.5" - Soft Firmness

Darker Horse Toys

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The dark lord cometh! This horny devil is sure to warm you up from the inside out. With a smooth, lightly textured shaft and a detailed base, the Baphomet is a satanic delight! Whether you are looking for love from below or want to worship yourself in the bedroom, this toy has a little something for everyone.


Approximate dimensions and technical:

Length: 5.5 in 14 cm
Usable Length: 4.75 in 12 cm
Thickest Circumference: 5.3 in 13.5 cm
 Base Diameter: 4x5.5 in 10.14 cm


Shore Firmness: 00-30

Disclosures: Every small Baphomet currently comes with a small imperfection to the bottom of the left eye where the master was patched for safety. This does not affect cleaning or use and will not constitute a 'flop' in this model

The drips and split on this toy didnt come out quite right so it has been discounted for the cosmetic flaw, but has no issues that affect cleaning or use


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