The Satyr brings everything a lustful woodland reveler has to offer. It's hairy. It's uncut. It's jolly. It's big enough for those with exotic tastes in size. With a thick ring at the base of its shaft, the Satyr is a bacchanalian ride.


Small (US)  Small (Metric) Medium (US) Medium (Metric) Lg (US) Lg (Metric)
Length: TBD TBD 6.3 in 16 cm 8 in 20 cm
Usable Length: TBD TBD 4.75 in 12 cm 6 in 15 cm
Thickest Circumference: TBD TBD 7.5 in 19 cm 9.7 in 24.5 cm
 Base Diameter: TBD TBD 2.3x3.5 in 6x9 cm 2.5 in 6.5 cm