Feel the heat! The Flamespitter is a top-heavy delight that packs a mouthful. Smooth and subtle designs give it granduer and texture with a scaly dragon-themed base. Whether you carry a torch for dragon themed toys or want to find out if you can stand the heat, the Flamespitter is for you!

Small (US)  Small (Metric) Medium (US) Medium (Metric) Large (US) Large (Metric)
Length: TBD TBD 7 in  18 cm 9 in 23 cm
Usable Length: TBD TBD 5.7 in 14.5 cm 7.25 in 18 cm
Thickest Circumference: TBD TBD 6.5 in 16.5 cm 7.75 in 20 cm
 Base Diameter: TBD TBD 2.4 in 6 cm 2.75 in 7 cm