Autumn Splash d20 - 40mm Resin Gaming Die - Roman Font - **Second Quality**

Darker Horse

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This 40mm chonk is ready to roll! Whether you are slinging spells or saving throws, this extra large die is ready to make a statement.


Materials: Epoxy resin, pigments, acrylic paint

Our gaming dice are geometrically balanced to roll completely randomly. We use pigments and inclusions of a similar weight to our resin to avoid 'loaded' dice. We recommend storing dice out of direct sunlight to preserve color and clarity, and keeping them separate from metal or other sharp game pieces to prevent nicks or scratches.

Disclosures: This dice came from a second-quality mold. It has some imperfections on the 1 face from the mold cap. It is still beautiful, durable, and balanced and meets our standards for sale (with a discount).