**Flop** Poison Apple Satyr - Medium, 6" - Medium, U/V

Darker Horse Toys

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The Satyr brings everything a lustful woodland reveler has to offer. It's hairy. It's uncut. It's jolly. It's big enough for those with exotic tastes in size. With a thick ring at the base of its shaft, the Satyr is a bacchanalian ride to be undertaken only at the users discretion.


Approximate dimensions and technical:

Length: 6.3 in 16 cm
Usable Length: 4.75 in 12 cm
Thickest Circumference: 7.5 in 19 cm
 Base Diameter: 2.3x3.5 in 6x9 cm

Shore Firmness: 00-50

Disclosures: This model has a pair of small, cosmetic bubbles on the base (pictured). It has been priced down for the cosmetic flaw, but should not affect cleaning or use. 


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